Facely — Free wallpapers for your Apple watch App Recensioni

99 cent regret

Hundreds? A more honest statement would be that there’s 50 with the ability to change the colors creating “hundreds”


Despite what most of these reviews say, only like 6 watch faces cost extra. (You can look under “in app purchases” on the app store page to see if theres more since this review). Most of those are the branded ones (batman, r2d2, nintendo, etc) but the normal graphic designs you think of as watch faces are all free. Also, with some work you could probably find most of the downloadable images this app provides on the internet — this app essentially just gets them all and puts them together for your convenience


Same wallpapers/ not hundreds. Don’t waste your time or money

App is not worth it

App isn’t worth it it doesn’t work and I would like a refund..

Pretty sweet actually

I like these designs more than the stock images available . Definitely makes my watch look a lot cooler than before

What happened to Free?

App says free but I was charged .99 just out of the blue. Bad


I paid the .99 for the app then another .99 for the R2D2 face only to find the battery icon is a permanent thing. I can’t remove it and it isn’t my actual battery life. I expect the seller to reach out to me and make restitution. I would like one without the fake battery icon.

You still have to pay $0.99 for most faces

I’m all for paying for content but this app is a ripoff - you see all these cool faces on the website, so I paid $.99 for the app, I’m all for content creators getting paid. But then you open the app in the majority of the watch face is that they show on the website you have to pay an additional $.99 for. Total rip off do not waste your money

Great app!

Love the designs, my new Apple Watch never looked better! New feature suggestion: share designs via share kit within the app \ animated designs

Not very honest

You pay for it. And they give u am hand full of free faces. And the best ones, you have to pay more for. Don’t buy. Save your money.


Won't load most of the time, have to pay for all the good faces. Listen to the rest of the reviews.

Needs watch case colors

I like the watch faces and the ability to see how they look with the different color watchbands. What it still needs is the ability to see the color of your watch case, i.e. rose gold, black, gold. All it shows right now is the silver case. Some of the faces don't really go with every case. It would be nice to compare.

Looks even better on the watch!

The designs are eye catching and look even better once they're in the watch. Very high quality designs and I love the color variations for many designs.

Professional designs 👍 ⌚

For just a dollar I must say my Apple ⌚ looks a whole lot better now. Majority watch faces are free.

Figure it out

It does NOT work smoothly, and took me 3 tries to get it to work. But now I have CUTE BB-8 face on my apple watch!

Not as bad as people said

I was initially deterred by the 1-star reviews. But the designs were so good that I had to give it a shot. The app is actually pretty nice. Lots of free faces/wallpapers (including the ones you see on Tumblr). However, there are some "premium" faces that cost 0.99. Overall, though, I found many faces that I like.

I should have listened to the reviews. Not great.

Poor quality images, crashes, selling other people's IP. It's just a poor app.


Crashes on ios10


slow, crashes.. very low selection of included wallpapers. "premium" wallpapers are an in app purchase for each wallpaper. the only way this app has "hundreds" of wallpapers is if you include every color variation.

Don't Waste Your Money

For a paid app (that expects you to pay more for various images!), the selection is pitiful, if the app even loads at all. There are maybe 7 different designs, and each design has different colored versions. Not exactly the "hundreds" of images they advertise. And again, you can only access these images if the app happens to load. Not worth a dime.


Crashes, can't even run to be disappointed by what I don't get with app purchase

The ones advertised are in app purchases

Not even original. You can image search and get the same faces.

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